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Trimart closure hits some stores hard

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Trimart closure hits some stores hard

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THE TEMPORARY CLOSURE of Trimart Supermarkets at Mall Internationale, Haggatt Hall, St Michael, and the NSR Grand Shopping Centre, Bridge Street, The City, has resulted in mixed experiences for other businesses operating in those complexes.
Bailiffs seized goods on Trimart’s premises on August 27 following its failure to pay about $1.7 million in rent, and its doors have been closed since then.
When BARBADOS BUSINESS AUTHORITY visited NSR Grand on Thursday, Michel Barbar, manager of the Bionic Shop, said sales had dropped by as much as 20 per cent since the closure.
DWISE Inc., which operates the popular Dollarwise, sent BARBADOS BUSINESS AUTHORITY the following response via human resources manager Michelle Thornhill.
“DWISE Inc.’s performance at Haggatt Hall and Bridge Street has been affected significantly by the closure of the anchor stores in these malls.
Support continuing
“We are currently continuing our support of these locations, hoping that staff positions are not negatively effected by that reality.  
“Our approach to mall management, asking for a rent abatement to assist us in weathering the reality of the malls’ not having their biggest draw open, has gone unanswered.”
However, one video-store employee said: “We still have a lot of traffic due to the $3 store [Dollarwise] so there is no problem.”
Reports from Mall Internationale on Wednesday were somewhat different as representatives of most stores said their customers had remained faithful.
Tiganna Layne of video-game café 2 Rules Inc. said business had changed little.
However, Sabrina Sargeant of Up Beat clothing store had a different view. “Things are pretty slow. The supermarket brought customers. They would shop, then come to look around,” she said.
Intermixz’s Giselle Jackson also said traffic in the complex had dropped.
“It’s really quiet but the regulars still come,” she said. (NB)