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AS BAJAN AS FLYING FISH: For the love of God

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AS BAJAN AS FLYING FISH: For the love of God

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My name is Davina Layne and I’m a membership relations officer.Davina is feminine for “David”. It means “Beloved” in Hebrew.I grew up in Dash Valley, St George. To be very honest, there’s very little about my childhood that I remember. Which is probably a bit sad. I remember in betwixt and in-betweens.     I’m from a very close knit family. There are five of us. Well, my Dad died last year. It was quite tough. I’m the eldest child, then my sister, then my brother is the last.   We celebrate everything – birthdays, Christmas, Easter, together as a family. And all those celebrations revolve around food. The whole extended family comes together. We live right next door so it’s easy for grandmother, grandfather, aunts, cousins etc. Well, it’s just one aunt and one cousin now, because everybody else has either moved away or died.    I’m single, no kids, no boyfriend. I’d probably say I’m not open to family. I quite like being on my own at this time. If it’s something that God would want for me, I’d go along with it.I went to St Michael’s and then to Queen’s College for sixth form. I think I had more fun at St Michael’s. If they had a sixth form in my time, I would have stayed. In my time, St Michael’s didn’t wear skirt and bodice. I kind of consider myself the Rosa Parks of the St Michael’s overall. We signed so much petitions while I was at school. I didn’t see it in my time but I saw the overall changed to skirt and bodice.I have a very strong faith. I’m a Christian and attend a very forward-thinking church. It’s non-denominational. It’s not affiliated with any particular hierarchical structure, not tied to any assembly; but, if I did have to link it with anybody, I’d say it leaned towards Pentecostal, in how the services are run.Human beings cannot comprehend the vastness of God. My mind is finite and His, infinite.It’s not easy to get someone to believe there is a God. Faith is nothing you can see. If faith and hope were things you could see, what would be the point of them?Having a relationship with God is something you have to come upon on your own, have an experience of your own, to believe it. No one can force you to do it or logically explain it to you. I don’t imagine God devised suffering. The world is full of sin and sin sometimes causes suffering.   There is a Devil. God will eventually defeat him. I believe in the literal truth of Adam and Eve. I believe everything in the Bible. I believe the Bible is the true word of God, written by men inspired by God. I understand the King James version was standardised by an English king and all of that. I still believe every word in it.Faith is being sure of what you hope for.      I used to write poetry, for a very brief period. I started when I recommitted my life to God. And then I just stopped. I was at a stage where I knew I had to get more serious about God and where I was going in my life. It was the year I watched The Passion Of The Christ. That kind of sold it for me. I didn’t realise, going in to see it, that the beatings were that gory. I don’t think I’d even seen the cuts before. I shut my eyes at parts. But history would tend to say that’s how it was, so. I lived in England, Bermuda, the Bahamas. I lived in the Bahamas for two years while studying tourism management. In England I did “sustainable environmental development with management” post-grad. Obviously I like gospel music. But I like all types of music. Reggae, R&B. Except I can’t really understand rap and that sort of stuff. Mostly.      I haven’t eaten red meat in a while. I never liked the taste of pork, so it was easy to stop eating it, and all that stuff that goes with it – hot dogs, sausages, all those processed meats that are not really what they say they are.     Faith is not an easy road but I know in my heart it is the best road.      The word of God says, “No one comes to the Father except through me” – that would be Jesus Christ. That is what I believe. I cannot say why there are 20 000 religions but I know what I believe and it works for me. I think faith can work hand-in-hand with the real world, practically. You don’t need to have faith or not have faith to be a person who can run a business really well. Both people can do it.   With people prepared to kill others in the name of God, I think the issue is not necessarily with religion but with the person. Human beings are very frail. Sometimes human nature takes over, rather than the religion itself.    All believers believe their own belief is correct. That’s just human nature.      As a membership relations officer working for a membership organisation, I’m responsible for making sure all the members’ needs are met. That we’re doing things to increase and retain membership. Keeping members happy, making sure we’re working for their needs.     The best thing about the job is all the interaction I get with LOTS of people. Lots and lots and lots of people. The organisation I work for has almost 300 members so there’s lots of interaction.   I can’t think of a single bad thing about my job.      A Bajan is a friendly person, a helpful person and, for the most part, a God-fearing person.     Barbados means the world to me. You never really appreciate it until you live overseas and see how much you absolutely love this 21 x 14 rock.