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Let’s pray, urges Mia

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Let’s pray, urges Mia

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OPPOSITION LEADER Mia Mottley has urged the country to continue to pray for ailing Prime Minister David Thompson.
“I am truly very sorry to hear of the Prime Minister’s condition. It is serious and clearly has proven to be more challenging than originally thought.
“There are times in the life of a nation when circumstances or events have the power to bring out the best in us all. This is one such time.
“I urge all Barbadians to continue to pray for the Prime Minister, for his family and indeed the country. We must always remember that our humanity is more important than anything that divides us.”
Meanwhile, former DLP Oppositon Leader and BLP Cabinet minister Clyde Mascoll is wishing Thompson the “very best in very trying times”.
“Regardless of our stage in life there is always hope, once we believe. The ultimate provision is determined by the Master, but this does not deny me the chance to wish the Prime Minister the very best in very trying times,” said Mascoll when contacted by the Weekend Nation yesterday.
Mascoll, a former schoolmate of Thompson and a colleague in the Democratic Labour Party prior to a parting of ways four years ago, was reacting to the announcement that Thompson has pancreatic cancer.
“I have not travelled the road of least resistance thus far, but to some extent I have been on the road less travelled. The journey has brought me to a place of deeper awareness where there is clarity between good and evil, happiness and sadness and right and wrong.
“Such awareness helps in our decision making and the choices which we inevitably have to make.
“In this vein, bitterness is overcome because life’s focus is not on the material, it is on the spiritual. This perspective allows the soul to wish well, fully conscious that the ultimate journey