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St John constituents not giving up hope

rhondathompson, [email protected]

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Residents in St John are not giving up hope on their MP and Prime Minister David Thompson who has pancreatic cancer.
Some people in Martin’s Bay St John huddled, reflecting on the  announcement which came from Thompson’s physician Dr Richard Ishmael early Thursday.
Michael Barrow says: “I would like to see him back in good health and running this country again. He is a well known man in this community and he is well loved by all down here in Martin’s Bay. He even has a beach house down here, so he’s a part of the family”.
Anthony Standard adds: “Sometimes David would come down and talk to us and lime here . . . . Don’t care what happens in this district, Thompson always attends funerals, parties, weddings, you name it and he is there, and that whole family is nice”.
“He is a people’s man and the people will be sympathetic with him, so I’m glad they have finally told us what is ailing him. There have been too many speculations,” says shop owner Junior Gittens.