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Take a bow, Mr Moderator


Take a bow, Mr Moderator

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RECENTLY a moderator of the midday call-in programme, listening to a caller complain at length about greasy macaroni pie at an establishment, which though unnamed was clearly described for many to easily discern the establishment in question.

After he asked the caller if she had spoken to management about the grease, the caller responded that she had not.

In his usual style, the moderator asked several other probing questions, which revealed that the caller had not given the owner or management the opportunity to become aware of nor correct the situation.

The final straw was reached when the moderator expressed his conclusion that the caller obviously did not frequent the establishment any longer.

To his shock she casually stated that she still goes every Friday.

Without hesitation, he advised her politely in words to the effect of, “Ma’am, you do realise that you are misleading 10 000 listeners.

Hence, it will not be correct to allow you to complain any further about a product that you are still eating every week.

Thank you for calling the programme.” We need more professional journalism, reporting and discernment before we allow the public to be exposed to misleading information which can be rather harmful to small businesses and offices.

Many officials could take a leaf out of this moderator’s book.