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COU COU & FLYING FISH – The softer side of fury

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A CERTAIN POLITICO has shown that he really has a soft heart. Known as an individual who, as the saying goes, always comes out with his guns blazing, he wept uncontrollably at a particular organised encounter recently.
He acknowledged both his and the other individual’s mortality and cried when he recalled what had once rested in his own heart.
Just a few years ago he was one of the most privately vehement critics of the individual who belongs to his own stable.
But he had fallen in line and ended his criticisms when another member of the group who was his close friend made his exit for perceived greener pastures.
Changing times
 It is a case of all the troops being kept in barracks.
Cou Cou has been told that members of a certain grouping have been given instructions to remain at home during a very trying period. Two troopers who are out should be back shortly.
It is understood that certain decisions have to be made and made extremely quickly. There could be a changing of what many initially thought was the settled order of the guard.
Cou Cou has been told that a major about-turn by a face from the past is not out of the question.
Money worry
IT IS a bumpy road on which many workers at a state institution have to travel virtually every month.
Word is that wages and salaries are invariably always late, or in some cases, coincide with the delivery of the following month’s pay. It is an embarrassing situation that seems likely to continue for a while.
Some are wondering if it is a cash flow problem or simply the indifference of the paymasters. When Cou Cou gets the answers, perhaps the foolishness will stop.
Family feud
 Who squealed?
That’s the question being asked around Bridgetown. And the answer might rest among the younger siblings of two families – with friends in high places – who would easily fit into the landscape of certain exotic cities overseas.
Word is that there is a certain rivalry that’s ongoing and information is being provided by one of the warring factions to the eager ears of those who have been making timely interceptions.
Cou Cou will have no complaints as long as the turf war keeps Barbados clean.
Loose screws
A CERTAIN POLITICO has been asked whether he has lost a few screws from upstairs.
Apparently he owns a building on a plot of leased land and is asking a certain group using the building to pay him $8 000 in monthly rent.
The irony of it is that the group, by virtue of its composition and mandate, is basically representing his interests. Utter madness, his colleagues have called it.
The big picture
 A CERTAIN GROUP is planning within the next few months to ask a current boss to step aside and allow the former boss to step back in.
Word is that it is all about strategy and not meant to be a slight.
The group of six believes that the overall chances of a swift return are better with the old fox.
The planned compromise is for the old fox to step aside when the battle is won and allow the young vixen to take over within 12 months.