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PUDDING & SOUSE – Fire shocker from youngster

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A ST MICHAEL district was in shock when a young male resident went on a rampage and made some very startling and bizarre statements.
Apparently the man, who is the son of a well known person, stood up in the road screaming and crying that he was involved in the deaths of the six women who had died in the fire.
His dad, who was summoned to the scene, was in shock as he watched his son’s verbal tirade and tried desperately to get him to calm down. In the end medical assistance was summoned for the man, who increasingly became more out of control.
Some people were saying that he was stone drunk, while others said he had gone berserk but it was his many utterings about the fire that has left many residents feeling sorry for this youngster.
Money can’t buy love
IT WAS PURE bacchanal in a close knit rural community when a big argument broke out between a young woman and her bad boy live-in boyfriend, which resulted in her finally kicking him out.
From what neighbours overheard during the heated argument, the girlfriend opened their bedroom window only to see a used condom hanging from the bottom of the window – obviously someone threw it out but it got stuck.
All hell broke loose as she started beating on her man and cussing him out for bringing a woman into her bed!
The bad boy did not even utter a word, but ran out of the house with her running behind him with a knife. Even his friends who lime on the block with him stood by laughing at him running for his life.
But other residents were laughing at the woman for being so stupid in hooking up with this man.
Apparently her friends have been telling her about his cheating ways, but she kept saying that they were jealous because he gives her a lot of money.
Now they are hoping that she has finally realised that money can’t buy love.
Sorry, no credit
A GROUP of business people have been scurrying all over Barbados trying to secure some much needed financial assistance to bail them out of their predicament.
They have even gone to the politicians begging for help. But it seems that all doors have been closed in their faces so far.
People are saying that it will take a miracle this time around for someone to foot their huge bill, which is in the millions.
It seems that there are too many creditors knocking at their door, even though it is now closed.
Threesome turns sour
IT’S SAID when four legs get into a bed nobody knows, but what happens when six do?
It appears that a man, who had a menage-a-trois with two best friends is now threatening to post their sex trysts on the Internet because the two of them have refused to sleep with him again.
The two women, who are well known on the party scene, do not want this to come out because they are both supposed to be lesbian lovers.
A friend who they confided in told Pudding & Souse that they only did it because the man offered to pay them if they had a threesome with him, but they were terribly disappointed with the session, since it did nothing to satisfy them.
From what we understand, the two young women are so upset about his threats to expose them that they are planning to file a complaint with the police against him for sexual fraud.
P&S will stay on top of this situation.
“Stella” act stale
IT SEEMS that the brown-skin woman with the mock botsy, mock eyelashes, mock nails and hair is eager to regain her youth.
She no longer goes to all the dub-shows, bars and discos that the young people frequent. Once she has an audience she just flaps her mouth and shows off.
Many of her travel buddies are planning not to travel with her anymore because she talks about them with each other. When she travels, she shows off because her “toy-boy”, who is ten years younger, works in the travel industry and she can fly first class when he gives her a free ticket.
Rumour has it that she has to spend her money to maintain his body for the young girls to show off with him. She is his No. 1 sugar mummy.
This woman really needs to stop paying the spa for the Botox and let the wrinkles come naturally. Your age is obvious!