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Mixed reaction to NATION/Cadres poll

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Mixed reaction to NATION/Cadres poll

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7 PM Sunday, September 19, 2010 – There is swift reaction by readers  to the Nation/Cadres poll which featured many political hot topics including who should succeed ailing Prime Minister David Thompson.
 Minutes after the results of the poll were posted on www. earlier today, the comments were flowing in to that site and also to the Nation’s Facebook page.
There is mixed reaction. Some say it is insensitive, others say it is timely and necessary.
One reader says: “ My first thoughts when I saw the article is, my gosh, the man barely announced his illness and look what they doing. But then I had to look at reality.
“Succession planning is needed even if a person is not ill or dead, because the reality is anything can happen at any time and you should always be prepared.
“So with that noted, I say to the public, don’t just look at it as they doing something to Thompson. Look at it as they are doing something for the country. Something that has to be done regardless of the situation.”
The poll was conducted by Caribbean Development Research Services (CADRES) between September 10 and 13, before Dr Richard Ishmael annouced that the Prime Minister had been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.