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NATION/CADRES POLL: Health of the Prime Minister

rhondathompson, [email protected]

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Since the survey was conducted before the Prime Minister’s health status was established, we considered it appropriate to ask respondents about their views on the way in which this issue was being handled by way of a series of questions which are presented on the relevant chart.
Initially we asked respondents if they approved of the way in which the PM’s illness was being handled and there were equal numbers of persons saying “Yes” and “No”.
It is clear that the response to this question was influenced by party support since BLP supporters were more inclined to say that the issue was handled badly, while DLP supporters generally felt it was handled well.
There was, however, a more profound (but marginal) bipartisan opinion expressed that the issue was being handled badly.
Consistent with the suggestion that the issue was being handled badly, 60   per cent of respondents believed that the PM should “clear the air” on the issue which is what was done a few days later.
It is nonetheless instructive that a clear majority of Barbadians expressed the view that they felt they had a “right” to know and moreover that they believe the “air should be cleared” days before the public was informed on these matters.