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NATION/CADRES POLL: Satisfaction with Government and the Opposition

rhondathompson, [email protected]

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CADRES sought to measure and compare perceptions on the performance of the government and opposition by way of a question which asked respondents to rate their performance on a scale ranging from “1” to “10” with “1” relating to the lowest or worst performance and “10” relating to the highest or best performance.
In addition to asking respondents how the two parties performed overall, we also asked persons to rate the performance of the government and opposition in particular sectors.
Table 01 consolidates this information and also presents comparative information from the 2009 CADRES survey.  This comparison demonstrates that there has been a statistically insignificant deterioration overall in the perceptions of both the government and opposition, while the sectoral performances have fluctuated in this time period.
It is noteworthy that the government’s performance in Housing and Lands, Education, Transport and Tourism seems to have improved, while it did less well regarding the QEH, and the Economy, although these changes are all quite marginal.