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Open letter to the PM

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Open letter to the PM

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A letter to Prime Minister David Thompson from Jennifer Young.
Mr PM, I am asking you to take this journey with me as a daughter who has lost a Dad to cancer.
Dear Sir,
I lost my Dad to cancer eight years ago this year, he had a very rare cancer and he lived for six months after being diagnosed.
It was very tough because he was a healthy man, but in a way I was at peace because he did not suffer.
I am saying this to say Mr Prime Minister as a Daughter and a citizen of Barbados, I set you free.
The people of Barbados elected you to the Office of Prime Minister to do a job, a job.
And I don’t think that no D, B, NDP or whoever would say you have to stay in Office now.
That job is a very stressful job.
Mr Prime Minister that is a job, you are a father and I think that should come before any job.
The type of cancer you have is very deadly and if you are to fight this with everything you have, you need to leave this job.
The stress that comes with this job is way too much and you don’t need any kind of stress right now.
Stress and cancer don’t go together. It makes it worst.
And as a Daughter, I am appealing to you, please just step down and fight with all you have for your children.
That job will always be there, but your children only have one father.
And you need all your strength to fight like never before if you are to beat this cancer.
Forget all the talk, no one or nothing should come before your children.
As a Daughter who has been through this you need to fight and spend this time with your children, trust me, you never know.
Barbados will be here and we will not stand in your way.
Your health should come first, WE SET YOU FREE!!!!!
Mr Prime Minister I hope you enjoyed our walk together.
May God bless you.
A Daughter,
Jennifer Young.

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