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ALTAR CALL – Jesus our truest friend

Cheryl Harewood

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JESUS CHRIST is the best and truest friend.
Pastor Kenneth Reeves affirmed this last Sunday to the members and friends of Hoytes Wesleyan Holiness Church, St James, during a special Friends Day Service.
In a sermon entitled The Truest Friend, Reeves shared some Biblical definitions of the attributes of a friend.
As he shared Matthew 11:19, he reminded his listeners that Jesus was called a friend of publicans and sinners, and that as Proverbs 17:17 pointed out, Jesus loves at all times.
“That scripture is a good definition of what a friend should be like, so that whether you are on the mountain top; in the valley, short-tempered or far from nice, a friend will love you all the time.”
Reeves shared briefly from the story of The Good Samaritan when Jesus was asked “who is my neighbour?”
He said that while the priest and the Levite (a servant in the temple) refused to help the man who was beaten, robbed and left to die, a Samaritan, who was considered a nobody, took time to assist and even pay for the man’s care.
He next shared on three types of friends.
“Firstly, there is the faithful, reliant friend. We find such a friend in 1 Samuel 18:1 where it states that David’s and Jonathan’s hearts were knitted to each other.”
He said David was called “a man after God’s own heart” because of his love.
“David was a man overflowing with love. Such men are hard to find.”
Reeves noted that although Jonathan was in line for the throne, and David was being prepared by God for the throne, Jonathan denied his heirship and decided that David would not be killed.
He next spoke of the hands-out friend.
“Everyone is a friend to him that giveth. (Proverbs 19:6)
“I am sure that every honorary public servant is painfully aware of this type of friend. When the flow of gifts ceases, such friends turn elsewhere,” the preacher said.
He also spoke about The Best Friend: Jesus Christ. He said Jesus Christ loved so much that He gave his life for mankind’s sake.
“You do not easily make up your mind to lay down your life for anyone, but Jesus did.”
Reeves urged his listeners to develop a deep friendship with Jesus, and let Him have His way in their lives
The service was complete with a wonderful worship session, led by Shelly Vaughan and her team of worshippers. Members, including Reeves, danced their way through the aisles in joyous celebration before God.
The Friends Day service was attended by Minister of International Transport George Hutson and his wife Isabelle.
Hutson promised to help the church with its programmes and commended members for their community spirit.
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