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Caribbean weather update

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Caribbean weather update

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This NOAA satellite image taken today at 01:45 AM EDT showing a large swath of clouds in the western Atlantic Ocean. This broad are of clouds highlight Hurricane Igor, located 80 miles northwest of Bermuda.
Igor is a category one hurricane on the Saffir-Simpson hurricane wind scale and is moving toward the northeast near 16 miles per hour with maximum sustained winds of 75 mph. Large swells continue to affect the East Coast of the United States.
Meanwhile, Tropical Storm Julia is located about 1215 miles west of the Azores. Julia continues to weaken as it moves toward the northeast near 13 miles per hour. In the Caribbean strong showers and thunderstorms develop over the eastern half of the sea in association with an area of enhanced moisture.
Additional isolated showers and thunderstorms develop in the southwestern corner of the Caribbean. (AP)