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HEALING HERBS – Foods in natural state are best

Annette Maynard-Watson

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Through Proverbs 11:14 the Creator states that “where there is no guidance the people fall, but in abundance of counsellors there is victory”.
Indeed, Shauntée Walters is a counsellor who mightily leads children to the victory of self-love and goal-oriented achievements by using a gift bestowed on her by the Creator.  
This week’s article is the penultimate on holistic health in schools with key focus on the “silent doctors” of Barbados.
“Silent doctors” are reliable and heal even at a cellular level. Today, words of inspiration are being given by Mrs Walters, the guidance counsellor at Grantley Adams Memorial School, a wife and the proud mother of two.
Mrs Walters has a profound love for all children and I have witnessed how she truly empowers them. In fact, she devoutly adheres to the view that “each one matters”. Furthermore, this youthful guidance counsellor approaches her profession with enthusiasm.   
Breakfast sparkles her day and entails a high-fibre, whole-grain cereal that includes a combination of “silent doctors“ oats, bran, wheat, nuts and fruit, either consumed with milk (soy/almond) or mixed in a shake.
Lunch is usually pasta, vegetables, rice, or ground provisions. In addition, she always has at least half the plate in salad or vegetables and only a quarter of carbohydrates.
Protein is usually plant protein, including beans and peas. If she uses fish or chicken, she balances it with only vegetables.
Walters spoke passionately about the Adventist health message which promotes a vegan/vegetarian lifestyle. She posits that “the closer the items consumed are to their original state, the better for us”.
Genesis 1:29 speaks to the original diet given to man which contained no animal protein. This is an ideal towards which she strives. 
She further postulated that “we believe that if this diet is followed, persons will be in the best health possible, taking into consideration all the hereditary, stress-related and environmental factors that lead to illness”.
Walters gives this advice to the school community:
1. Get as much sleep as possible, at least eight hours. It is when we sleep that our body repairs itself and we grow.
     2. Consume a wholesome breakfast. Many children don’t eat breakfast and of those who do, some eat chips and ketchup when they arrive at school.
     Missing breakfast is like a plane taking off without any fuel or with very little fuel. It won’t get far. The chips and ketchup are like the wrong type of fuel which would destroy the plane.
     3. Participate in some form of physical activity – a sport after school. Exercise removes toxins from the body, increases metabolism and provides more energy.
4. Take some brain food including Omega 3 and/or rosemary because studying is hard work. These increase blood flow to the brain, brain function and memory performance.
In conclusion, I implore all educators and parents to study these words spoken by Rosa Parks: “Each person must live their life as a model for others.”
 Annette Maynard-Watson, a teacher and herbal educator,may be contacted at [email protected] or telephone 250-6450.
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