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iNDRANi ‘Happens’ to be up for the challenge

Sherie Holder-Olutayo

iNDRANi ‘Happens’ to be up for the challenge

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Some people are just drawn to the arts and iNDRANi Rudder is one of them. It actually started from as early as age five when she tried assembling her playmates to take part in a play.
Perhaps it was her own dress rehearsal for life, but iNDRANi seemed destined for a life in the performing arts and since that time she hasn’t looked back.
“I was born to do art,” she said candidly.
Whether it’s singing, dancing and acting, iNDRANi has proven herself to be versatile and gifted in whatever medium she directs her talents.
That’s why it should be no surprise that she will be included in the all-star cast of the upcoming musical presentation of the the It So Happen Suite, along with the likes of Alison-Sealy Smith, Andrew Pilgrim, Amanda Cumberbatch and a host of other local talents.
“Professionally this is great because it’s adding something else to your roster,” she says. “This challenges me because I have to use a totally different skills set.”
Though she embraces her skills for acting, one might definitely conclude that her true passion lies in singing. After all she has released two albums, and can be heard on over 1 000 songs with artistes such as Eddy Grant, Mr Vegas, Alison Hinds, Machel Montano, Edwin Yearwood, Shurwayne Winchester, Rupee and more.
But being in such stellar company for this production has kept her humble.
“When I’m around the likes of Pilgrim, Sealy-Smith or Nala and the rest of them, these are people who are at home on stage,”  iNDRANi said.
“It’s amazing to see real artistes who are born to do something and watching them transform in front of my eyes on a nightly basis.”
iNDRANi herself is undergoing her own transformation because this is her second performance on stage in a play. But she is hopeful that there will be even more opportunities for herself and others to flex their acting muscles in similar productions.