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MTW delay on cabbage palms stinks


MTW delay on cabbage palms stinks

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DEAR JOHN BOYCE, Minister of Transport and Works, I write to you to thank you for your promise to try your best to ensure that the danger of the dead cabbage palm trees hanging over 10th Avenue, Belleville, will be dealt with speedily.

As I explained, it is over a year since I have been trying to have MTW remove these trees, that pose a serious threat to persons and property.

I had unfortunately dealt with someone who has done nothing but give me the runaround.

That person told me that I should speak to Mr Worme at Light & Power because they were responsible for the hold up.

I spoke to Mr Worme who was very helpful, establishing that Light & Power was ready whenever MTW was.

He even got on to the person I had dealt with at MTW confirming that. I felt that it was wrong and out of order for this person to refer me to Mr Worme, rather than do their job.

All these many months later, absolutely nothing has been done regarding removing this danger – and not a word from the person at MTW, for several months.

The incompetence festers. I am writing to you as I am reminded of the Tudor Street tragedy and all the serious implications.

Those responsible for ensuring that we live in a safe and regulated society should be required to answer questions.

Much huffing and puffing can now be heard about what should and should not be done to ensure safety, yet these same people dilly dally and show no urgency in getting important things done.

It is always someone else’s responsibility. The same incompetence I outlined in this letter seems to permeate the society.

Should these trees fall on someone’s head, I would want that all should know that it would have been as a result of gross negligence – not your negligence, Mr Boyce, I believe that you are trying – but negligence all the same.