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Trying to get back on my feet

rhondathompson, [email protected]

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Dear Christine
HOW are you doing, I hope you are fine.  Keep up the good work that you are doing and I hope God will continue to richly bless you.
The reason I am writing to you is I am in need of your help or your readers’ help. I had a divorce and I am now trying to get back on my feet. I am in need of two things, a chest of draws and some curtains in good condition.
I do not want any beds, stove, chairs or anything like that. Only the chest of drawers and the curtains will do, even if they are second-hand I will be thankful.
Dear Badly In Need,
I’m sure when this letter is published some kind person will respond. Caring for their fellowman is still the hallmark of the average person living in Barbados – and long may it remain so.
Trying to get your life back on track is not an easy proposition, so we wish you well. Take your time in whatever you pursue in the future.
– Christine