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‘Vandal’ harassing couple

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‘Vandal’ harassing couple

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GEORGE “DICK” WILLIAMS and his girlfriend Annis Sandiford want to know who is harassing them and why.
Williams, 75, and Sandiford, 56, told the DAILY NATION recently they had been victims of vandalism and eerie phone calls for the past two years. The pair have been together for six years although they have known each other for more than 30 years.
“This started since 2008. Someone has been throwing stones onto the roof of my house and writing things on the outside walls in chalk, such as ‘you Dick is a dog’ and ‘Dick, you got Ann walking’ (an apparent reference to Sandiford sometimes walking to Williams’ home instead of being picked up in his car). They also call and make threats in a strange voice,” Williams said.
Williams said that one of the latest incidents involved the pouring of a “diesel-like” substance on his car.
Williams lives in Halls Village, St James, while Sandiford resides in Black Rock, St Michael. Most of the harassment happens at Williams’ home although they said they have both received harassing phone calls.
Williams said he had reported the matter to the police but added they had not yet done any investigations. He said he also installed caller ID but this has not worked as the perpetrator calls from an unknown line, which LIME reported was an untraceable pay phone.
They said they are both at their wits’ end as neither of them had any idea who could be harassing them. However, Williams said a family member told him: “You know who is doing this.”
Sandiford also mentioned having her handbag snatched, although she was not certain if that occurrence was related to the acts of harassment. (CA)

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