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THE EFFECTS WERE less severe than they were last week, but it was quite evident that the island was under a flood warning yesterday.
Several areas across the country experienced flooding. The high levels of water made some roads impassable. The flooding also caused a number of well inlets to be blocked with debris transported by the flowing water.
And even as the rain pelted down, workers from the Drainage Division of the Ministry of the Environment, Water Resources and Drainage were busy clearing a number of drains across the island.
The MIDWEEK NATION team spotted teams working on drains in Tichbourne, Howell’s Cross Road, St Michael; Mayers Road, My Lord’s Hill, also in St Michael; and in Goodland Gardens, Christ Church.
Director of the division, Keith Barrow, disclosed that drains were also cleared in Rouens, St George, and commended his workers for their efforts over the past few weeks.
“The workers have been very committed to their work. The rain was falling and they were still on the roads working. Since last week Barbados has experienced an abnormal amount of rainfall, which caused some flooding, especially in low-lying districts,” Barrow said.
“In the main, the drainage structures have given a satisfactory performance, but the quantity of water has overwhelmed some of them. My division deployed a maximum of four teams to get rid of some of the stagnant water in areas of concern, and this was done both last week and this week,” the director explained.
The Meteorological Services Department has forecast more of the same watery weather today.