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PM on the up and up

Tony Best

PM on the up and up

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Ailing Prime Minister David Thompson said yesterday his condition had improved and he was feeling better.
“I am feeling better and we are dealing with the complications and the continuing challenges,” he said from his room at the New York Presbyterian Hospital in Manhattan.
In his first interview since his personal physician, Dr Richard Ishmael, revealed at a Press conference that the Prime Minister was suffering from pancreatic cancer, Thompson said that his condition had improved.
He said he was planning to return to Barbados when the hospital and physicians approved his ability to undertake long-distance aircraft travel to Barbados.
“You just can’t pick up yourself and leave from a hospital of this kind without the approval of the medical staff,” he said. “It’s not done that way. But there has been improvement and I am feeling better.”
Thompson said the doctors had made progress “in dealing with the complications” which forced his sudden return to New York about two weeks ago.
“I intend to return to Barbados soon even if it means I have to return to New York, but no decision has been made about the date,” Thompson said.
The Prime Minister has been in and out of the New York medical centre for almost two months.
He answered the phone himself when the SATURDAY SUN placed a call to his room.
He gave his assurance that when it is considered appropriate, he will speak about his illness, the challenges it brought to him and his family, the Government and the people of Barbados.
“Hopefully, that detailed conversation would help our health services and the way it handles such issues,” Thompson said.
He ended the conversation on an up note, saying “God Bless” as he put down the telephone.