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Dear Christine – Neighbour wants to buy my house

NATANGA SMITH, [email protected]

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Dear Christine,Why is it that some of our black people are so covetous and dirty minded?
I was renting my house from the National Housing Corporation (NHC) for 23 years and in 1986 when they were selling the units to the tenants, I was offered to buy mine.
When I made the application to rent, they asked me if I am a father of children, I told them no, which is true. I made the application when I was 29 years old in 1962, but I didn’t buy the property until I retired in 1993.
I was talking with a neighbour one night about another person who had approached me to buy, and told him I am not selling my property. Four years later he is going to ask me who it is for, who is to get it.
I ignored him and now he’s trying some things to see if he could run me from here. I made a report to the police and I asked them to launch a stake-out to help me, but they told me they do not have enough men.
I would like to know what to do so as to have a day in court so that I could tell the judge what some people are like. My neighbour is not satisfied with his first home next door, but I am to disrupt my life to sell him mine for one of his children.
Some people see a person living by themselves and think that you don’t have relatives. I worked with the Sanitation Service Authority for 40 years, so all I am to do in retirement is go into the almshouse?
If NHC wanted the house from me for somebody with children, it would not have sold it to me. I want a day in the court with him. I want to explain to somebody in authority.
– AWAITING MY DAY IN COURTDear Awaiting My Day In Court,
First and foremost, I think you need an attorney to look after your interest. This is not quite a police problem unless your neighbour threatens to harm you.
Your attorney would be able to caution your neighbour about his actions and if there need be, take any civil action necessary.As for black people being covetous, people of all nationalities, races and all walks of life are envious of the success of others – it’s a human thing.– Christine