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MAVIS BECKLES: Of words, sticks and stones

rhondathompson, [email protected]

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Some o’ the things people say at times does really get to me, hear?
It does really make me wonder if they understand or does even think ’bout what they saying before duh say it.
And another thing, ya would hear dem saying it big and bold ’pon the radio, the TV and any kind of public forum fuh any and evahbody tuh hear.
Now look, I know you people who read my column when the week come would know by now how I feel ’bout young people. You would know dat I doan put down young people, dat I have faith in dem despite the fact dat some young people does make ya feel like holding dem and strapping dem down, opening duh heads and pouring some common sense in um.
Then duh got a got a whole lot more wid duh heads screwed on properly, and who intend tuh make something o’ demselves and their lives regardless of where they come from or how they come along.
But duh got some grown-up people who does just open duh mouts and proclaim doom and gloom ’pon all young people wid no kinda concern as tuh how it gine affect dem.
Now the other day I hear by chance – ’cause I wasn’t really listening tuh the programme, but in passing I heard it – and the voices sounded like Wes Hall and later Sir Everton Weekes. I think they were discussing or giving their views on cricket.
Then I heard one body say dat this generation lost or we have lost this generation, meaning the same thing. I suppose it had tuh do wid cricket, but I ain’t gine tell you nuh lie, just hearing he utter dat simple statement really infuriated me.
How somebody could open duh mout’ just so and proclaim doom and gloom ’pon people children and a whole generation too, I doan know! It is really something else, hear?
Ya know, tuh some people reading this column now it might seem like I making a mountain outta a molehill, something outta nothing and some people might even be saying dat nuhbody cahn tek way from your children what God already destine fuh dem.
But leh me tell wunna something now: the Bible say dat life and death is in the power of the tongue and when we hear people who are supposed tuh be in certain high profile positions in this country and over areas where a lot of young are involved talking suh negatively ’bout and over we young people, what the France we expect dem tuh do?
Wunna expect dem tuh get on and act like duh got any kinda common sense or like duh capable o’ doing anything fuh demselves?
Wha wunna done proclaim dat duh lost already, so wunna doan expect dem tuh get on like duh lost?
I cahn understand. Wunna real unkind though. We expect this same generation after all the lot o’ negativity dat we proclaim over dem tuh emerge like a beautiful butterfly and impress us.
But I gotta tell ya’all something now: if this generation is lost, I hope all o’ wunna know dat all o’ wunna lost too, ’cause sweetheart, doan forget dat all o’ wunna so way past the 60s and heading hard fuh the 70s if wunna ain’t get there yet.
What I cahn understand is how a lost generation could in any way be responsible for or be capable o’ looking after a aging generation dat has gone before it. Wha’ gine happen tuh people like me now in the evening o’ my years?
Wha’ my future looks rather bleak. It cahn be nuh ripe old age now – it would have tuh be a bleak and hopeless old age.
Now after saying all o’ dat, I hope people would think first before making these declarations and proclamations over people’s lives, especially the young people.
I have tuh tell you dat I have a lot o’ faith in my young people ’cause duh got more young people who are smart, committed, sensible, intelligent and have duh heads screwed on properly. This is why I am going tuh continue tuh pray fuh my children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews.
I gine call all duh names tuh my Father so dat He won’t by chance fuhget who I talking ’bout, and despite what anybody think, words does be a lot more impactful than sticks and stones.
• Mavis Beckles was born and raised in The Orleans. She has an opinion on everything.