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PUDDING & SOUSE: Food for thought

rhondathompson, [email protected]

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SOME SCHOOL MEALS workers are wondering why one of their colleagues is still around even though she has been tossed around from one school to a next.
The overweight, dark woman seems to think that because she originates where the sun rises that she will keep on shining.
Meanwhile, she has been moving around like a big piece of furniture, transferring from one school to the next and causing conflict with co-workers wherever she goes.
People thought that since she no longer had a gossiping team gathered under her window, and she had gained a husband, things would have changed somewhat. But she is still creating conflict, especially with the tall tales she likes to tell. Even her friends are saying that her expanding waistline is from years of armchair gossiping, which has now become a daily routine.
Deadbeat daddy
A WELL KNOWN minibus conductor who operates an eastern route should be ashamed of himself for being such a deadbeat dad.
He has ten children but hardly supports any of them. One of his many women has six children for him and can’t seem to get him out of her system. He has been known to leave her, run around with other women, and then when he’s ready haul her back in like a fish out of the sea.
He has a young daughter who started school for the first time this year and since the term has started he hasn’t even given her a pencil. But the little girl’s mother is still making sure that her child gets nothing but the best.
Wolf in sheep’s clothing
THE SECURITY GUARD who likes to walk around with his Bible tucked under his arm, but bad-talks all of his colleagues, has finally succeeded in getting rid of a woman whom he tormented for a very long time.
But now he is after victim No. 2.
His colleagues want to know when management will take their eyes off the Bible he walks around with and see his vindictive manner.
It seems that this man is bent on ruining innocent lives while hiding behind Christianity. He is definitely a wolf in sheep’s clothing.
Fall from grace
A VERY POMPOUS woman who used to drive a big ride, live in the heights and terraces and dress in designer duds has lost everything, including her pride.
These days she is forced to catch the bus and has moved back to her parents’ home, all because her wealthy husband kicked her out after he found out that she had been sleeping with another man.
People can still remember her big, fancy wedding a few years ago and everyone thought that she would finally settle down to a luxurious life. Even her friends were shocked to learn that shortly after the wedding she started having nightly rendezvous with a married man at her parents’ home when they were out of the island.
Now that her husband has put her out of the matrimonial home, she has lost a lot of weight and is looking broken and old.
But people are saying that she deserves to suffer since she caused a lot of pain not only to her husband but to the wife of the man she was sleeping with.
Hard pill to swallow
COLLEAGUES ARE wondering if a certain medical person who was fired for forging a doctor’s signature will now be stripped of her nursing licence.
They say that she and her lesbian lover have been involved in this scheme for a long time, forging doctors’ signatures for prescription drugs.
Staff are happy that this woman was finally exposed.