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Passionate about life

NATANGA SMITH, [email protected]

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What is your favourite childhood memory? When we were young we lived in India and one day in the marketplace my mother took us to see a camel. I was terrified especially because it lowered its head to my face. I remember that it seemed so huge and it snorted.My most fabulous moment . . . It’s twofold. The first was being in the New York Times representing the Fashion Design department of Parsons and showing at a fabulous fashion show at the Museum of Natural History in London along with Valentino, Balenciaga and Givenchy among others for the Barbados Tourism Authority’s Fire and Ice ball.What are you most passionate about? My home. It has lots of colour, lots of plants, flowers and life. I am surrounded with life and I’m always prone to look up.Who has made the biggest impact on your life? My grandmother (mother’s mum) who is an adventist. I was at St Gabriel’s and she told me to study the book of Proverbs if I wanted to learn about living. It has been a staple for me ever since.A life-changing moment: the death of my dad and the realisation that he really was gone. Just a few days before he told me how pleased he was with me and that work would take me to great success. He said that and then two days later he was gone.Biggest regret: it was not going ahead with an organisation that was to bring uplifting programmes, teaching and motivational speakers to the youth.My most treasured possession is my garden. I truly love living things. God’s creation has more power than anything men can create.How did I exist without . . . prayer, prayer and more prayer in the name of Jesus and through His blood.What I love most about myself: I have excellent health, joy and lots of love. I am surrounded by life and beauty and I am studying my other interest – the energy of disease.If I could relive a moment it would be the last few days my dad was alive. There were things that happened that should not have. With what I know now it would be different.