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Grieving gran prods police

NATANGA SMITH, [email protected]

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GEORGETOWN, Guyana – Justice may never come for Kamla Singh, whose daughter and grandson were among those killed at Cummings Lodge last month, but she believes the police need to put some real effort into finding the gunmen.
 “Just saying that they [her daughter and grandson] were in the wrong place at the wrong time is not good enough for me . . . . I have no justice to get,” a grief-stricken Singh told the Stabroek News recently.
The tearful woman said that Fiona Singh – her eldest daughter – and Neil Jupiter, her only grandchild, were everything in her life and to have them snatched from her in such a brutal manner was painful.
One month has passed since the two along with the child’s father Steve Jupiter, Christopher Gordon and Sherwin Jerome were riddled with bullets, and according to Singh, she is yet to hear from the police.
She suggested that had the killings occurred in a foreign country, the police would have been so thorough in their investigations that they would have known what had led to them by now.
“In this country, though, money run things. She was killed and that’s it!” she said before asking why the gunmen did not spare Fiona and the child.
“Why man? Why, they couldn’t throw them out of the vehicle or something? If they wanted the three of them I would have been contented if they [Fiona and the child] were spared,” she added.
When asked what she wanted from the Guyana Police Force, Singh replied while fighting back tears: “I want them to work harder. He was just three years seven months and she was just 23.”
Recalling the events of that tragic day, she said that Fiona left their Albouystown home around 6 p.m. and later when contacted said that she was at a friend’s home but did not disclose where.
Singh said that her daughter probably did not want her to know that she was at her cousin’s home in Cummings Lodge, since they were to visit her together. (Stabroek News)

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