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Keep up with technology, BFA told

by Ezra Stuart

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MOVE WITH the times and technology, Jack Warner has warned
The FIFA vice-president on Saturday night admonished the Barbados Football Association (BFA) for failing to maintain a functional website.
“After 100 years of the BFA, the BFA must now move to changing times. In an era of technology,it is disappointing that numerous attempts to log onto the Association’s website, are met with failure, at least by me,” Warner said in a hard-hitting feature address at the
BFA’s centenary anniversary gala at the posh Crane Beach Resort in St Philip.
Warner revealed that efforts by him to log onto the BFA’s web page for information on Barbados football, were futile.
He said that from the FIFA main page, one is directed to two links for the BFA’s website but regretfully both links are not functional.
“I sincerely hope the error is mine, not yours,” Warner warned. “If the sport is to develop in this small nation, like mine (Trinidad and Tobago), both on and off the field of play, you must always attempt to keep at the forefront of technology,” he said.
Warner advised the BFA officials to use the CONCACAF website as an example.“Today, CONCACAF is No.1 as a federation in the field of technology. Nothing therefore is stopping the BFA from making use of what is available to you right here, right now and you must move swiftly to rectify this,” he remarked.
“You must not only deal with the tangibles, you must also deal with the intangibles. We must live our dream and our vision,” added Warner.
But Warner also lauded the BFA, which was founded in 1910, for surviving 100 years.
“I’m extremely proud of you.