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Please help me find a job

NATANGA SMITH, [email protected]

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Dear Christine, Can you please help me find a job?
I am the mother of eight children and I want to stop depending on other people for help, only for them to talk about what they give me.
This makes me feel worthless.
Christine, I hate having my kids tell me they are hungry and there is nothing in the house to give them. Even my family, when they give, talks about it and I am hurting over it.
I did courses in advanced word and power point, Microsoft Office Publisher and Excel. I am also good at babysitting and house-keeping. I just want something to do during the day so in the evening and night I will be at home with my kids. – K.A.N.B Dear K.A.N.B,I feel your pain. It can’t be easy living under the conditions you described at the end of your letter, which you asked me not to print.
Motherhood is tremendous responsibility; that’s why caring mothers do almost anything to ensure their children are provided for.
In your case, you ask others to supplement what you get. It is unfortunate that your relatives and those who sometimes help you out don’t see that.
From time to time we do get requests for recommendations for employment and we shall certainly put you on our list.
Of course, we cannot guarantee anything, but can assure you that when something comes up, we will let you know.
I urge you not to give up in your own efforts in seeking a job. You need to do this for yourself and your children.
Our prayers go with you. – Christine