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Elderly man left roofless

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Elderly man left roofless

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AN ELDERLY Christ Church resident had the scare of his life yesterday morning when high winds ripped off the roof of his St David’s home.
Gilbert Wiles, 78, was at home with his five-year-old granddaughter Shamel when the intrusion came around 10 a.m.
“The winds were terrible up here this morning . . . When you hear the shout, the galvanise blew up and before you know it, my roof was off,” he told a team from the DAILY NATION, which visited the area shortly afterwards.
His daughter, Genevieve Babb, 25, who is a private nurse, was forced to return home from her place of work in Meadowville Heights, St James, after receiving a phone call from a neighbour alerting her of the development.
“My neighbour said she was trying to get outside but the winds were strong and kept blowing her back.
Shaken up
“My father, he was very afraid so I had to talk to my daughter (by phone) and eventually we were able to get them out,” Babb recounted.
The family, who lost their home over ten years ago to fire, has been further shaken up by this latest episode that has left their house waterlogged.
They are now appealing for help in finding a place to stay.
“All the front house and chairs and everything destroyed  . . . we need someplace to stay right now,”said Babb, while thanking neighbours who came to the immediate rescue of the Christ Church family and could be seen carrying out repairs to the damaged roof. (KJ)