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Lead the way, says expert

rhondathompson, [email protected]

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Business managers have been told to model the way for their employees, know what values they stood for, and affirm them.
This was the advice from leadership expert Steve Houchin as he outlined what he assessed were the keys to exemplary leadership as he spoke during the inaugural Barbados’ Best Employers awards luncheon at Hilton Barbados on Thursday.
During the event hosted by Caribbean Catalyst Inc. in partnership with BARBADOS BUSINESS AUTHORITY and the Nation Publishing Company, the co-owner of International Leadership Associates in the United States said leadership was action, not a position.
“Model the way,” he said, noting that leaders should know what they stand for and affirm the shared ideals of the organisation they lead.
“We have to set the example by aligning our actions with those shared values,” Houchin said.
Secondly, he noted that managers had to inspire a shared vision.
“Envision the future as a team by imagining exciting and ennobling possibilities. Enlist others in a common vision by appealing to shared aspirations,” the expert said.
Houchin also urged leaders to “challenge the process”.
This, he said, involved searching for existing opportunities and seizing the initiative by looking outside the organisation for innovative ways to improve.
Houchin added that this required leaders to be willing to experiment and take risks while generating small wins to keep up the enthusiasm of staff.
Managers must also equip, encourage and enable others to act, the master facilitator said.
He noted that this involves fostering collaboration by building trust and facilitating relationships. (NB)