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Rescued driver’s dad tells story


Rescued driver’s dad tells story

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It happened in a flash.
One minute Charlotte Parris was sitting in her car waiting patiently for another vehicle to proceed through water; the next thing she knew she was deep in a ravine, standing on top her vehicle and grabbing onto branches for dear life.
It was Friday evening that firemen and good Samaritans combined their efforts to pull a shaken Parris to safety, using an inner tube and some rope at the Belle, St Michael.
Still too traumatised by last Friday evening’s life-threatening event, Charlotte could not speak to the DAILY NATION, so her father Mike Parris spoke on her behalf, saying his daughter was “unhurt, but still very shaken”.
Parris, who recalled the event that could have claimed his daughter’s life, said she was giving great thanks to the Fire Service for the sterling job they performed in the rescue.
“The Fire Service showed tremendous bravery. They responded very quickly with two tenders to the scene, headed by leading fire officer 80 Boyce.
“I must say a special thank you to 246 McClean – he was the one who jumped into the raging waters. He made an attempt but underestimated the current in the water and had to be pulled out before he could go in again.
“124 Barrow and 290 Harewood, they all came from the headquarters in Probyn Street and they did an excellent job,” he said in the interview.
Parris said he was concerned that the incident could have happened to anyone travelling in that area since the railings there had been broken. He said Government needed to do something urgently about it.
“The area is one where water goes over the road to a ravine at the back. When water rushes down, it goes into a 30-foot ravine.
“My daughter was on dry road waiting for another vehicle to go through water, when something broke, and a four-foot wave came from behind the car, lifted the car, rammed it into the wall, flipped the car around and then burst the barrier and dropped her into the gully,” he recalled.
Parris said “divine intervention” told her to kick open the door.
“When she kicked open the door, the car filled quickly and sank, and then there were some tree stumps which held it in place. Two feet behind the car was a 30-foot well, which the car would have sunk and gone into,” he lamented.
“This is a serious area that the Government needs to sort out and there are 30 to 40-foot drops without any barriers: so it needs to be rectified. That well, too, has concrete blocks all around it, but it is big enough to hold a car,” he noted.