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The decent thing to be told


The decent thing to be told

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A LOT OF THINGS in this country are being handled very badly. And none more so than the current situation with our Prime Minister.

We regret his circumstances, but the truth is people have been very patient because they do not want to appear unkind or ungracious.

However, the matter of his “coming and going” has been a challenge to the rules of common decency.

Take the latest; imagine listening to our Prime Minister just a few days ago, confident that he is after all still in control and leading us.

Then some hours later there is talk in the news of the “Acting Prime Minister” – which gives rise to some confusing and disturbing questions.

One is now left to second-guess, and especially so given the context. No explanation is offered, no communication with the governed, and ultimately, those who are paying the bills.

Can someone take the people in their confidence and communicate with Barbadians? We demand respect.