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WICB: No more reasons


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DON’T look for the West Indies cricket selectors to make public statements on the rationale of team selections in the future.
The West Indies Players Association (WIPA) has taken issue with it.
And it has now become a legal matter.
In an effort to be more transparent in recent times, the selectors, mainly through the chairman, have often made comments on how they came up with the team and why certain players were omitted.
All of that is about to change, says WICB chief executive officer Dr Ernest Hilaire.
“In response to concerns, the board made it very clear that selectors must account to the public for the selection of the West Indies team. It is board policy and selectors have agreed,” Hilaire said.
Legal matter
“Only recently, we got notice from Mr [Dinanath] Ramnarine (WIPA president) and one of his notices of disputes with us said that we denigrated the players when we went out to explain why they were not selected.
“It is a legal matter now. When the next team is selected, the selectors will not speak to you.
“ There is a notice of dispute saying that to explain to the public why players are not selected is denigrating the player and a breach of the Memorandum of Understanding/Collective Bargaining Agreement.”
Hilaire’s remarks came in response to a query on whether the WICB had an established media policy.
He was speaking to reporters following a WICB directors’ meeting at the Accra Beach Hotel last weekend when he revealed a policy would be developed by new corporate communications officer Imran Khan.
“One can never complain about greater communication.
“Since I became chief executive officer exactly one year ago, I have spent just about every day talking with journalists all over the region,” Hilaire said.
“Since Imran has come on, he has expanded that engagement and is in the process of developing a clear media and communications policy for us.
“Since I have started, we have been very open, available and accommodating to just about any press person.”