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Out of house and home


Out of house and home

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Nine days after Onita Nash’s possessions were removed from the house in which she lived at Medford Lane, Dayrells Road, Christ Church, she is still seeking assistance in finding some place to call home.
According to Vincentian-born Nash, most of her household items were removed from the house without her permission and placed on Marine Pasture by an unknown man.
Sixty-year-old Nash claimed she had occupied the house for the past 25 years. 
Nash said the now dilapidated house belongs to a friend who lived there at one time but who now resides in the United States.
“Ms Williams is telling people that the house is hers but the house actually belonged to a lady who told me I could use it because she moved to the States,” she said.
Most of Nash’s possessions are now bundled outside the wall of Hastings Village Laundermat in Balmoral Gap. “They took my things and brought them down here and in yesterday’s rain everything got wet.
 When I asked Ms Williams why she took them out she said she did not give anyone permission to remove them from the house.” 
When the DAILY NATION team visited the area, Nash was sorting through the items. “I live with a former employer who has allowed me to stay there for the time but I need somewhere to live and put my things.” 
Court order
A Dayrells Road resident who lives near to the house from which Nash was turned out, said the owner of the house had taken the matter to court and Nash had been given a court order to leave by a specified time, failing which her possessions would be removed. 
The neighbour, who wanted to remain anonymous, said the court marshals told the persons responsible for the house to take the items to the nearest vacant Government lot, which happened to be Marine Pasture, near Balmoral Gap.
Resides overseas
When contacted, Brenda Williams, who resides at St Matthias, said the house belonged to her sister Marva Williams, who now resides overseas. “My sister relocated from Barbados and she left the house for my daughter. When my daughter passed away, my sister said I could have the house as she would not be returning to Barbados.” 
According to Williams, the house had previously been rented to another lady but she left to reside overseas and Nash came to her and said she was living in the house because the lady had left her in it.
 Williams said she initially told Nash the lady did not have the right to leave her in the house as it was not hers. However, she decided to rent the house to Nash. 
Williams added that Nash paid her rent at first, then stopped, and had not paid for quite some time.  There came a time, Williams said, when she wanted the house for her son and she asked Nash to leave. Nash refused and the matter was taken to court. 
Nash was subsequently informed by marshals of the date by which she should have her items removed, she said.
“The floor is rotted and the house is in terrible condition – it is nothing for her to live in. I did not just go and put her out of the house, I took the right path, there were two court cases to call up her and she did not come,” Williams said.