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Hooray to pro-lifers


Hooray to pro-lifers

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THE UNITED STATES was always known as a country of individuals who, in their majority, were pro-choice (President Bill Clinton’s terminology).

We know that he really meant pro-abortion. But not any more. The majority for the first time in history are pro-life.

The church, led by very strong pastors, has decided to turn the tables on the present administration in Washington, DC.

This produced the first March For Life.

The support was unbelievable. Hundreds of thousands of them rallied around the pastors, senators, governors and just your plain average person.

The only non-White who addressed the huge crowd was an Asian senator. That was troubling.

Some of us have known for a very long time that the ethnic minorities, most of them very poor, are the ones who receive the most abortions: more than one million a year.

Black Americans are the majority among them.

Change needed

These are the ones known to be churchgoing. What’s gone wrong? A change of behaviour is needed.

The second change is conservatism. Apart from those who are pro-life, we now see the youth who have swung conservative.

It was obvious that this conservative swing resulted in the January 19 election victory of Scott Brown, a Conservative Republican from Boston, Massachusetts.

The GOP has not landed a major seat in this state in decades. What an upset! Something appears to be happening to the Democratic Party – too many losses in such a short space of time.

Ted Kennedy must be rolling in his grave! This Boston upset was probably the largest in several years.

The strong turnout for the Tea Party (a grass-roots movement) was responsible for this upheaval. We have also heard of a large number of Dems crossing the floor.

This crossing of the floor reminds one of the rather strange decision of Barbadian Clyde Mascoll, an extremely talented and successful economist.

His crossing the floor resulted in his electoral defeat rendering him a BLP nobody. What a shame! He could have done much better. Here in the United States we now call the American election “The Boston Tea Party”. What a significant event!

LAURA A. GIBBS, United States