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Memo threat to dock pay

Maria Bradshaw

Memo threat to dock pay

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EMPLOYEES of an offshore company at Harbour Industrial Park are mad about a management threat to dock their pay for stolen or damaged property.
KM Solutions (Barbados) Ltd issued a memo on October 4, stating that effective October 25, employees would be held responsible for all stolen and damaged items.
The memo went on to give photographic examples of stolen items such as toilet paper, hand soap dispenser, lotion and the toilet paper holder.
The memo said: “KM Solutions wants to provide a clean and comfortable environment for our employees but this is proving impossible since we have to be constantly replacing stolen/damaged items.
“If the theft/damage continues we would have to retrieve the cost of replacing these items by deducting a percentage of the cost from your employees pay.”
It went on to explain how the monies will be deducted: “If the damage or theft is on the 6th floor, the deduction would be made from all employees on the 6th floor only.”
Employees were then given a form to sign acknowledging that they had received the memo.
An angry group of employees told the WEEKEND NATION that it was illegal for their employer to deduct monies from their salaries because they were suspicious that items were being stolen.
“Nobody ain’t stealing no toilet paper and liquid soap from the company; the items are being used by the employees.
“We cannot even take our bags to our work stations. We have to leave our bags and cellphones in lockers. So how can we steal items if we don’t have any bags to put them in,” one woman cried.
She said some staff members had signed but others were planning to seek advice from the Labour Department.
“It seems that we will have to wipe with our hands and don’t even use soap to wash them,” another upset woman cried as she questioned how 200 people would be asked to pay for a roll of toilet paper which costs 79 cents.
The WEEKEND NATION tried to reach director of operations and support staff Janie Howerton, whose name appeared on the memo, but was informed that she was out of the island.
However, human resources development specialist Talisha Boyce told the WEEKEND NATION that the employees were “thiefing” the soap and toilet paper at a rapid pace.
“We would put toilet paper in the bathroom and in 15 minutes it disappears.
“We put the paper in glass cases and they broke the case and the bars, but they are thiefing the toilet paper every single day and when you speak to them everybody behave dumb and stupid like they don’t know where the toilet paper gone.”
A Barbados Workers Union delegate yesterday told the WEEKEND NATION that it would be illegal for the company to deduct money from the employees’ pay.