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Deadly Sludge

NATANGA SMITH, [email protected]

Deadly Sludge

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KOLONTAR, Hungary – Rescue services say they have found two more victims of Hungary’s catastrophic flood of red sludge, bringing the death toll to seven.
Rescue agency spokesman Tibor Dobson said the unidentified victims were found yesterday afternoon near Devecser, a town in western Hungary inundated on Monday by the sludge. He said they were most likely residents missing from the nearby town of Kolontar.
Dobson gave no further details, but where the bodies were found suggested they were swept about two miles away by the ferocious torrent. One more Kolontar resident is still missing.
“Life in the River Marcal has been extinguished,” rescue official Dobson told The Associated Press, referring to the river’s 25-mile stretch that carried the red waste from Kolontar into the Raba River and onto the Danube.