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Desperately need a new home

NATANGA SMITH, [email protected]

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Dear Christine,I AM in desperate need of somewhere to call home, preferably in the area between Industry and Six Roads in St Philip as my daughters go to school in the area.
I’m asking one of your kind readers out there who have a vacant two-bedroom house, or even a studio apartment to please let me have it. I would prefer it unfurnished as I already have furnishings.
I anticipate your response. Thanks in advance.
I’m living with someone I thought was my dad and I just need to be alone. I once had the best apartment any person could have wished for, but I moved back home and now I am regretting every moment of it.
The landlord died in England and now the house is just there because he left it in the daughter’s name who also resides in England. – EAGERLY AWAITINGDear Eagerly Awaiting,From reading between the lines of what you have said and hinted about, you do seem to be in a very challenging situation.
Except for how much you are willing to pay for the house or apartment, your request was specific so there should be no ambiguity as to what you want.
I sincerely hope that someone let’s me know urgently that they can assist you.
I must admit that from your letter I sense the frustration and anxiety you are going through.
I know from personal experience how it feels having to live under the same roof with people you prefer not to associate with.
But I also know from personal experience that sometimes in our desire to be out of a situation we often don’t see where compromise, and even reconciliation, can take place.
I am not suggesting that this is occurring in your situation, but it is just one of those things that does happen when we are hellbent on getting out of an environment we find unpleasant.
After all, why would anyone want to be around people who hurt or deceive them and say all manner of things about them?
So, Eagerly Awaiting, I do understand your feelings here and completely empathise with you. Life is too short for you to allow anyone to make you uncomfortable.
And if you can’t live with someone, you should indeed get from around them and preserve your peace of mind.
It is my hope that someone fulfils your needs soon. – CHRISTINE