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Lammie sheds tears for BLP

Maria Bradshaw

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BARBADOS Labour Party (BLP) stalwart Lionel “Lammie” Craig is saddened and hurt at the division created in the party by the move to oust Opposition Leader Mia Mottley.
“This is very unfortunate. They have set out to destroy the very fabric of the Barbados Labour Party. I have served this party for 50 years and I have never experienced anything like this,” the 80- ear-old Craig said, when a MIDWEEK NATION team caught up with him yesterday afternoon, as he drove through Queen’s Park observing the gathering of an angry group of Mottley supporters.
And while he was shaken by that sight, nothing prepared him for what confronted him at the party’s headquarters at Roebuck Street.
“It saddened me when I got into Roebuck Street to see the BLP gate closed and the supporters – the people that Grantley Adams fought for and lived for and died for – could not enter because the gate was locked. That was painful. And to see the presence of the police out there – for what purpose I did not understand,” he said, his voice breaking with emotion.
“I am grieving. I feel hurt deep inside to see the BLP tearing itself apart over the greed by some people,” Craig cried.
But while the supporters had to remain on the sidelines yesterday, Craig said their voices would be heard at the BLP’s annual conference later this month.
“I believe that at the conference coming up the rank and file of the party, the people who keep the party alive in defeat and victory, should be given a chance to determine what they want and who they want to be their leader and that can only be determined at the conference.”
The elderly Craig, who was being driven by close friend Hal Bushell, expressed the belief that Mottley would garner all the support she needed at the conference.
 “I have no doubt about that,” he said.
“Owen Arthur handed over to Miss Mottley and George Payne became chairman because of that vote, and that must be made abundantly clear. Why is he so suddenly  anxious to become political leader?” a bewildered Craig asked.