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More equal, if you please!


More equal, if you please!

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I AM QUITE BAFFLED by the inequity in Barbados when it comes to how people who have made significant accomplishments – thus bringing recognition to the country – are rewarded.

I have made the following observations in that regard: Obadele Thompson wins an Olympic bronze medal.

As a result a motorcade is held in his honour and he receives a piece of land in Millenium Heights.

Rihanna gets a Grammy Award and a ceremony is held in her honour where she is awarded the title of Cultural Ambassador and receives a Range Rover – and recently a piece of real estate.

Ryan Brathwaite wins a gold medal in the hurdles at the World Games.

Quite fittingly a ceremony is held in his honour and he receives a Nissan X-Trail, plus other gifts.

Ronald “Suki” King wins the World Go-As-You-Please Championionship in draughts for 20 consecutive years and what? We hardly hear anything about it.

Are all major accomplishments not equally important? I guess some, as George Orwell put it, “are more equal than others”.