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Woes a-wet over in Trents

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Woes a-wet over in Trents

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RESIDENTS OF TRENTS tenantry, St James, are beginning to get “sick and tired” of having to put up with flooding in the area “every time the rain falls”.
Residents were lamenting the annoyance yesterday morning, shortly after they had had “less than half an hour” of rain that resulted in a considerable amount of water settling in the area, blocking some individuals from leaving their homes and having others “take their carpets outside”.
Resident Alicia Worrell told the MIDWEEK NATION that when she arrived home from work, her house was flooded.
Worrell said she was getting tired of the situation which did “nothing else but work me”.
“I can’t believe that the rain fall for less than half of an hour and my house get flood out. I just come home from work and reach a lot of water in my house.
“It was so bad that we had to put the carpet outside to dry, and although the sun is out now I know that I won’t be able to bring it back inside because it definitely wouldn’t be dry.
“I am lucky this week though, because last week the situation was worse.
“I am praying that the rain don’t fall for the rest of the day because I am tired of lifting things out the house [and] mopping . . .,” said a frustrated Worrell.
Another resident who asked not to be identified, pleaded for something to be done to rectify the problem.
He said: “It is hard for me to understand why Trents floods every time the rain falls.
“This happened last week and now this week again . . . . Look at out here; look at how out here look with all of this water. Before the rain even fall properly out here was flooded.” (AH)