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Bajans have lost pride of place


Bajans have lost pride of place

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IT SEEMS that over the years Bajans have lost the pride in their Pride And Industry. They scatter their garbage by the roadside and dump it into the sea.

For example, Long Beach in Christ Church was cleaned up about two weeks ago, and here it is again full of garbage – only this time it seems coconut vendors are dumping at sea, as their emptied shells are washing back up on the shore.

This leads on to the question of vendors generally.

Why is it vendors believe they have the right to “squat” their stalls anywhere they want to – and make a noise when asked to move?

The ultimate question is: do those vendors who earn much income pay NIS and taxes? They make their money; but we the registered workers pay to keep the country afloat with them in it.

Pay share

People have to earn a dollar, yes; but they should also pay their share as well. It’s time to sort out the losses to the Government by the informal or alternative economy.