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DLP COLUMN – The Prior Park Accord

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THE BOYS Club of the Opposition met on the Prior Park Accord and consented not to renew the contract of their boss leader.
 Dr William Duguid, we are told, left his patients and practice behind to go and dispose of the albatross around the Barbados Labour Party’s (BLP) neck.
 Despite calls for unity from Prime Minister David Thompson, the BLP managed to unleash mayhem on our country. This type of behaviour is what defined the BLP’s tenure in office, but they did a good job at masking it.
We have often remarked upon the high degree of public relations that has gone into the political life  the BLP.
The unmasking of the Opposition has been classified in a very strange way by the newly formed group of the Anti-Arthur Movement [AAM] called the elders.
George Payne, the chairman, put paid to that group and dismissed them right away.
The AAM, comprising of a fired minister, Sir Richard Cheltenham; a disgruntled backbencher, Sir Louis Tull; and Dame Billie Miller, who was removed as Arthur’s deputy, among others, are not happy.
We are all aware of how Sir Louis behaved regarding his treatment as a backbencher by the then Arthur administration.
It puzzles me to see the posture adopted by the AAM. We would want the self-appointed elders group to confirm whether or not the party they are referring to is the same one that we know.
Maybe the elders should cast their minds back to the incident between Anthony Wood and Arthur.
While you guys are at it trying to give the public the impression that church takes place in Roebuck Street, ask Wood again, if he and Joe Edgehill ever kissed and made up after that display of high levels of testosterone in the Parliament yard.
The elders would want us to think that they live in a sugar-coated villa. What about the time at their headquarters when chairs began to fly?
I think we had a co-leader then!!!
Clyde Mascoll, you remember that? By the way, the public is also fully aware of the Members’ Room confrontation between Noel (Barney) Lynch and Ronald Toppin over the matter of tourism.
 We all know that cantankerous Liz had issues with her tongue, so when George Payne described the idea of the landfill in Greenland as “environmental madness” we knew from back then that she was not easy.
Of course, you can’t have raucous, unless Trevor Prescod throws his hat in the ring; we can’t forget when Trevor took a turn in Liz for not building houses in St Michael East.
But MP Kenneth Best is delivering on that failed housing agenda of the BLP.
And finally, Billie and Liz should remind us who walked out of a Cabinet meeting after the attempts to fire their girl.
 We not sure how legitimate this body will be, but one thing for sure, they are an elite group of faithful who intend to maintain the status quo without Arthur.
What puzzles us on this side is Arthur’s ability to get the George Payne he fired and the Mia Mottley he publicly ridiculed to go toe to toe.
Can you imagine Arthur sitting in his rocking chair flicking through the channels of BET Payne and Tempo Mia looking for some action to watch?
This man is clearly a giant. He has crafted a situation in which the public once again has been asked to focus on the leadership of Mia Mottley.
It is clear that Mia Mottley is the only Leader of the Opposition that has to have her contract renewed on an annual basis.
A check with the Canadian Farm Labour Programme revealed that its contracts are longer.
A public appeal by Mottley’s personal assistant and supporters tell us that she is living in a bubble.
The men’s club, as pictured at the Press conference, has indicated that she is still leader at this time. What does that mean? What does it mean that further dialogue will take place on the matter with four of the expected nine MPs not showing up?
Well, we all know that those who met to sign the Prior Park Accord on October 11 have made up in their minds in what direction they are going; and we should all log on to the Liz Thompson Facebook message.