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KC’s in sunshine land

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KC’s in sunshine land

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Harry Wayne Casey, more well known as ‘KC’ of KC And The Sunshine Band, arrived in the land of sunshine today and immediately fell in love with the weather, beaches, food and atmosphere of Barbados, vowing to return.
KC And The Sunshine Band, which would have delivered tunes like Shake, Shake, Shake, Shake Your Booty and That’s The Way I Like It during the 1970s in an era of afros, bell bottoms, tight skirts and pants, arrived on board the Celebrity, Millennium to be feted by Minister of Tourism Richard Sealy and Minister of Housing Michael Lashley at the plush Crane Resort in St Philip.
“Look at this beauty,” KC gushed while pointing to the tranquil beauty of the Caribbean sea. “I must return and spend some more time here as well to hopefully perform,” said the man who returned to the stage in the ’90s after a resurgence of disco music.
“Barbados has also brought me great luck as I found out this morning that I have been nominated for the Songwriters Hall of Fame,” he added.
Barbados has also contributed to the reformation of the Sunshine Band, with Lashley’s elder brother, Steve, playing bass guitar with the group for the past 11 years.
If KC and his companions were wowed by Barbados, the food sealed the deal as he put away a number of spicy fishcakes while commenting on how delicious they were. 
“These are great,” he mumbled between bites, with Lashley and Sealy looking on. (KB)
Here, ‘KC’ (centre) of KC And The Sunshine Band (centre) chatting with Minister of Housing Michael Lashley, whose brother plays in his band, as Minister of Tourism Richard Sealy (left) looks on.