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Biscuit company coping with economic pinch

CAROL MARTINDALE, [email protected]

Biscuit company coping with economic pinch

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The West India Biscuit Company Ltd (WIBISCO) is being affected by the current economic climate, but the company is still coping.
WIBISCO Sales and Marketing Manager, Dianne Payne says: “We are obviously not daunted by the fact that times are hard because we know that consumers have to eat and we still have to make sure that we are innovative in what we do. We have not stopped our new product development,” says Payne.
She was speaking during the company’s Community Fun Day at Weymouth pasture.
“We know that the Barbadian public will continue to support us in these hard times and hopefully when the economy gets better.  The company has realised that in these times we need to come out stronger and better,” she says.