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Doubts of one who’s human


Doubts of one who’s human

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IN REFERENCE  to Sanka Price’s Thursday column titled A Media Led By The People, I would like to comment on or question a few of his points.

Mr Price felt that the media did not address the Prime Minister’s condition and that of the Government’s ability to direct the economy in the earlier stages of the pronouncement of his illness.

It was apparent, even to the less observant among us, that the Prime Minister was severely ill when he made an appearance on television in May.

So, why would there be a need to discuss his condition then, when there seemed not to be a comprehensive and conclusive resolve on it?

Also, why would the media question the doctor’s confirmation of the Prime Minister’s ability to continue to function lucidly and “to perform his duties as Prime Minister, albeit at a reduced pace”?

Is Mr Price really so concerned about the media’s “sensitivity” in not asking searching questions in the first instance, or is it more the case that the media had not been encouraged to pick to pieces the Prime Minister’s medical condition and the Government’s handling of the economy?

Is it that Mr Price is questioning the reshuffling of the Cabinet and, alluding to the view that in his decision to reposition certain members of Parliament in particular posts (especially Dr David Estwick) the Prime Minister had been functioning at a reduced level of capacity?

I daresay the direction of the Government is well on track, based on its political agenda, and, therefore the Prime Minister felt, given and/or due to his reduced physical capacity that the ministers reassigned to these various posts would be more impactful or effective.

We would be better served as a result of Mr Price’s article for him to explain how the $300 million is a cost to the depressed economy and its effect on the future of the economy as a result of the Government making the move to “help CLICO depositors”.

Further, it would be better if he could argue how effective or not the Government is in the face of the world recession rather than inferring that the Prime Minister “is losing it” because of his severe illness.