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Sights to see

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Sights to see

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Barbados has some attractions that to date are largely untapped and that could add untold value to our tourism product. They are as follows:

The National Park. If this area was properly managed with interpretive signage, established hiking trails, more picnic areas, litter receptacles and so on, it could transform the Scotland District into an invaluable tourist attraction.

St Ann’s Fort. This is one of the most impressive forts in the Caribbean, and perhaps it is time to move the Barbados Defence Force so that the fort can be opened to the public. Perhaps if The Garrison becomes a World Heritage site the fort could be opened and used for ceremonial purposes.

Graeme Hall. The loss of the Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary is a national disgrace, and it is time to put politics aside and get this amazing attraction reopened. The sluice gate must also be properly managed to help keep the mangrove swamp healthy.

Also the proposal to use the environs of the swamp for recreation should be revisited, as Barbadians need more open space on the congested South Coast.

The Pierhead. Currently one of the prettiest car parks in the world, it is located at the Pierhead. There are few capitals in the world with a beach attached, and the beach at the Pierhead is one of the most beautiful in Barbados.

The Pierhead will be the catalyst to making Bridgetown a liveable city for all strata of society. And instead of The City emptying at 5 p.m. people would stay and enjoy restaurants and nightlife.

Long Beach. Rather than develop one of the last wetlands in Barbados, the area should be preserved with raised wooden walkways, interpretive signage and litter receptacles. There should be picnic areas and beach wardens so that people will feel safe to enjoy the beauty of the area.

The Lighthouses. Harrison’s Point, East Point and South Point should be open to the public so that people could go to the top of them to enjoy the view; and there should be signage explaining the history of the lighthouses, along with picnic areas.

Lighthouses are incredibly popular and are tourist attractions in many North American towns.

Barbados has so many historical and natural attractions that we take for granted. I realize that money is short right now, but plans should be made to transform our landscape and carefully manage the attractions that are lying dormant.