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Mum worried over missing son

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SHE DOES NOT want him to come home because she knows he is a big man who can take care of himself. All she wants to know is how and where he is, or if “the worst has hapened to him”.
This is how Ione Graham-Morris feels about her son, 48-year-old David Reid of Hothersal Land, St John, who has been missing for over a week.
At her home, next door to Reid’s, Graham-Morris recalled that the last time she saw her son was on the evening of Monday, October 11, when he was “outside taking a bath under the shower”. She said that it was not the first time Reid, who recently returned to Barbados after spending majority of his life living in the United States, went missing.
“I believe he gone back to America, though.”
Graham-Morris said she just wanted him to call or send a message saying he was okay. (AH)

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