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Who’s That Chick?

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Who’s That Chick?

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The cat is out of the bag of chips on Rihanna’s new video.
Snack manufacturer Doritos and Rihanna announced yesterday that it was debuting a special single from the chart-topper titled Who’s That Chick?
Dressed in a vibrant blue, yellow and orange frilly dress and pink stockings, the singer is seen romping around in a circus tent that she’s transformed into a club – equipped with colourful skulls, trapezes and stuffed animals.
As part of the partnership with Doritos’ special Late Night edition of chips, Rihanna will offer two versions – day and night – of the David Guetta-produced track.
The video is designed to put the control in the hands of the viewer, and fans will be able to explore many different, um angles, of the singer by pointing a graphic symbol located on the back of specially marked bags at a personal Web cam when logged onto the Doritos Late Night site.
Fans may then personalise the video by the way they hold and move the bag, offering a new experience each time.
“I’m really excited about Who’s That Chick? and wanted to find a fresh and unique way to share it with my fans,” Rihanna said in a statement. (AP)