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Woman, baby hurt after fall

Carlos Atwell

Woman, baby hurt after fall

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A St Michael woman and her infant child were injured this afternoon after falling into a manhole in Swan Street, the City.
When a Nation team arrived, the woman, later revealed to be 32-year-old Keisha Layne of Deighton Road, St Michael, and her ten-week-old baby daughter Rikeisha had already been taken to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital. However, eyewitnesses reported on what happened.
“We were here when it happened, the lady was walking when she stepped on a piece of plywood over a manhole and fell in. I don’t know if because of the rain the wood was rotten but one foot went in, she hit her chin and dropped the baby on the ground,” said Pelar Ramsay.
Layne had visible injuries to her right leg and face and the baby also “looked hurt” Ramsay reported.
Ramsay said the hole had been covered with the plywood for a couple of months. She says after they called the ambulance to take Layne to the hospital personnel from the Drainage Division came, took pictures, nailed a cone over the hole and placed caution tape around the area.
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