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Ziggy Marley backs Prop 19

CAROL MARTINDALE, [email protected]

Ziggy Marley backs Prop 19

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New York: Grammy Award winner Ziggy Marley appears to be backing Proposition 19 – a ballot initiative that will legalise recreational marijuana in California. According to a release issued through the PRNewswire, the reggae star has released his latest song, a pro-marijuana anthem entitled “A Fire Burns For Freedom,” ahead of the vote. The song will be offered as a free download for listeners, as part of a larger set of free downloads.The California state constitutional amendment on November 2 election ballot, willallow adults at least 21 years old to possess up to one ounce of marijuana and grow 25-square-foot pot gardens for personal pleasure. It will also authorise county and city governments to regulate and tax commercial cultivation and sales.”We need to enlighten people about the multiple uses the plant has beyond its recreational, spiritual and medicinal uses,” the reggae singer is quoted as saying. Federal laws classify marijuana as an illegal drug.Nine former Drug Enforcement Agency chiefs last month called on the Obama administration to sue to overturn Proposition 19 as an affront to federal authority. Federal officials say they haven’t ruled out taking legal action if California voters approve the initiative .